One of the many scams to watch out for…

SOME can look genuine … “your last Tax Return shows you’re due a refund of £283.48″… oh thank you, – terribly authentic email for HMRC, don’t you think? 

Remember – ALWAYS, ALWAYS check the email sender address and be eagle-eyed for poor use of grammar or misspelled words! Never reply and certainly do not click any links or call any number provided. 

If you’re ever unsure call HMRC directly, query the email you’ve received and, if it turns out to be a scam, report the email address to the person handling your call. 

Here’s one I received today…

Take care out there!!! 



Down to the wire…

Uht oh, 31st January tomorrow…Tax a Return completed, filed and paid? 

If not, you have ONE MORE DAY to get it done and dusted – need help? Give me a shout and I’ll get it done for you!